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What is the Secret of a Long Relationship?

In our grandparents’ time it was not a rare thing for a couple to spend fifty or sixty years together. They took their wedding vows seriously. Today a large percentage of marriages end in divorce, often lasting just a few years or perhaps even months. But are relationships really all that different now?


Nowdays many people don’t even plan long-term relationships, others go through a series of disappointments leading to divorce. Whether you are in a marriage or a relationship, the rules of a long lasting relationship are the same.

You have to work for it!

Maybe it’s due to the influence of South American TV series during the past decades, but nowdays many couples expect a relationship with ’pink clouds’ lasting forever and which is expected to be created by the other half of the relationship. Well, this is not how it works, both parties have to work hard for happiness, especially if the relationship is not so fresh anymore. Laziness won’t help in any situation, we have to train to keep our relationships healthy just as we do with our bodies. However, exercises here are not physical, but rather an exercise of virtues such as patience, understanding and forgiveness.

They say that opposites attract each other. This could be true, but only in the short term! The first exciting years will fade and the different viewpoints and habits of our other half might easily become irritating. For this very reason, planning and achieving goals together will become more and more difficult. Accordingly the most important condition for stable relations is that the parties agree on most points. They will be more likely to be able to endure each other if their habits and hobbies, or perhaps even their occupations, are the same.

What is more important, sex or love? Some say women are more emotional, while men prefer the pleasures of the body. However, this is not true in most cases, that is, both areas are equally important for both sexes. Without great conversations sooner or later, they will be like two strangers, because they will have no idea what troubles or actually inspires the other. Sex is an energy boost for both the body and soul. A link that can bind two people together as closely as possible.

It is a fact that without communica

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