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White magic

Men desire to protect themselves from failures, diseases and evil is as old as man himself. Amulets are spread all over the world. Appearance of the objects themselves can vary a lot, but their purpose remains, no matter how "civilized" is a society that uses them.


Amulets satisfy basic human needs:

• To be healthy,

• To be courageous and prolific,

• To be strong and healthy,

• To have a happy destiny.

Ancient magicians believed that human’s life is affected by the good and evil forces. Prayers make good spirits help people, and amulets do not allow evil forces to deprive from a person those benefits. The word amulet means “remedy of protection” in translation from Latin.

Ward has the similar meaning as amulet. Ward is an object which protects a person from something. Most of the time, it protects from the evil eye and black magic.

In the dictionary the word “ward” is explained as a subject, a magical text or action that provides its owner with protection from all evils: from bad men, from disease. The ward can serve as a single person, or the entire family, and as well a workplace. Everyone knows that the horseshoe hanging above the entrance door of the house, is a guardian of the house from all sorts of miseries and misfortunes.

One of the strongest and most popular amulets from ancient times to nowadays is the cross. Also custom of shadowing oneself with the cross is a good talisman. In the Russian practice when yawning people baptize their mouth so that evil force cannot enter inside.

A good amulet may be a handbag with incense of olibanum or some sacred, magical spine, grass, the note, which should be carried along with a cross around the neck.

Also amulets of written texts are widespread, such as: Orthodox Lord's Prayer, "Paternoster", “Dream of the virgin”, church security credentials, and the prayer to St.. Friday. These texts are often carried on the neck, sewn into the amulet with a cross, or in a pocket or purse.

Almost all jewelry can be used an amulet. The miraculous properties of gold have been known for a long time, therefore any ring or ear rings made of this metal are a powerful talisman. To make gold prote

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