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Who are the Indigo Kids?

No parent has to say that their child is unique, they already know it. But there are other kids –both younger and older ones - who really are different from the average kid. Their special skills place them above others, but our education systems tend to label them as ‘difficult to manage’. They are the indigo kids.


The indigo kids were born between 1977 and 2010. They got their name from their unique, bright indigo blue aura which indicates that they have special abilities. People around indigo kids are not far from the truth when they label them as ‘difficult to manage’ because they are indeed different from the kids from previous generations. But their uniqueness is not a mistake that needs to be corrected.

The mission of an Indigo

These kids are not born on the Earth for their own sake. Long before they were conceived, they knew their ‘life tasks’, which are nothing less than making the earth happier and more liveable. Everything they do here on earth they do in order to follow their mission, but the people around them do not necessarily like it. Because change is never easy and it is always accompanied by some sort of inconvenience. After all, we can conclude that it is not just we ‘ordinary’ people who find it difficult to deal with them, they find it just as difficult to deal with us. Indigo kids, in a classic meaning of the word, must not be brought up in a traditional way, in fact they don’t need it. Because they get their knowledge from a higher level, they have it from the moment of their birth. However, because the people earound them tend to limit them in carrying out their tasks on earth, they have a lot of internal tension throughout their lives.

Indigo or behavioural problem?

There are some typical signs that makes it easier to recognise who is an indigo kid and who has behavioural problem.

Indigo kids have a strong personality, they are stubborn, they have a strong will, they follow their own decisions even if they have to fight for it. They feel comfortable in the world of the arts, most of the time, whether it is painting, drawing, literature, dance or music.

Their ideas are completely the opposite of those of others, such as the ideas of ‘average people’. They approach everything from a very dif

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