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Tarot School - High Priestess - II.

The High Priestess is represented by the number 2 and is the feminine principle that provides balance to the masculine of the Magician. She is sitting on a throne at the entrance of the ancient Temple of Solomon which is also the library of all knowledge and wisdom.


She sits on a throne made of stone, which symbolizes that she has become one with the external light, through all of the knowledge and wisdom she had gained. Seated between two pillars, one black and another white, the High Priestess symbolizes not the decision making but holding you back so that you can take time to listen to your inner voice. She just wants you to take your time to gain knowledge before taking on any action. This dual pillar, which recalls the Roman number two, highlights her neutrality, her balance between logic and emotion.

The High Priestess holds scrolls of arcane information in her arms, keeping the hidden truth that needs to be revealed. The scroll is inscribed with the word Tora, signifying the Greater Law or the Secret Law. The Moon crown on her head indicates instinct, intuition, remembrance and attention. The crescent at her foot indicates that she is able and willing to dominate the above-mentioned things. It is well known that the human mind can reflect images like a mirror does. The flowing water behind the pillars emphasizes that reflection.

The curtain behind the High Priestess is decorated with palms (willpower) and pomegranates (desire) and its meaning is closely related to the deepest esoteric knowledge, to the mysteries of life and death which continue to remain unsolved. It is remarkable that the pomegranates are displayed in the form of something similar to the crown of Tree of Life, in Hebrew known as Sephiroth.

This tarot card indicates a challenge to see what’s beyond the obvious, to go deeper, to let your subconscious rise, to listen to your inner voice and recognize your spiritual power.

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