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Tarot School - Introduction to the Minor Arcana

So far in our Tarot School series we have studied from page to page the symbol system of the cards in the Major Arcana. Now we will jump into the mysteries of the Minor Arcana.


The Minor Arcana consists of 56 cards, which is traditionally divided into four parts, according to their so-called ’colour’. These are pentacles (or coins or disks), wands (or batons, clubs or sticks), swords and cups (or chalices), which each contains 14 cards containing different figures. Let's start the presentation of the Minor Arcana with the explanation of the four symbols, for which we have to look back to the Middle Ages, to the roots of tarot cards when the card reflected the everyday lives of ordinary people.


The cup symbolises the church, priests and spiritual leaders. They were the people who, according to their profession, have hope and faith to people's lives, who conveyed them to divine love. Pages of the cup thus are in favour of the people, working for them just as pastors do. The chalice or cup is primarily a symbol of the spirit of things and feelings, so the basic element of Cups is water.


The basic element of Wands is fire. If we determine something once, we can feel it immediately as the energy spreads in us.This is the moment when we take our destiny in our hands, and consciously and purposefully move forward. The Wand cards always have visionary meanings, they point out our abilities or those tools that help us in life.


These cards refer to the aristocracy and the nobility of medieval society. As is well known, the instructions always came from them and they determined what is possible and what is not, when they will fight wars, how to work, how much tax to pay, etc.. They regulated everything that people had to deal with during their lives, that meant the daily challenges in their lives. Swords are primarily the forces that work against us and their core element is air.


The symbolism here is simple and easy to understand. Pentacles or Coins represent the material world, the system that is responsible for world poverty and wealth. Pentacle

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