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Tarot School - Strength – VIII.

The teacher of Strength is Life itself, therefore anybody who is seeking for the infinite law of life will reach their goal. If we turn the sign for infinity upright we will see the number 8. This is the number of Strength.


In contrast, in the new representation we can see a calm and serious woman, who is standing on a plain patting the King of Beasts. The meaning of the image is that the most basic tool of life management is internal energy. Restraining a wild animal symbolises the fight with sexual desire of humans and with instinct and emotions. This requires a lot of energy, which is also indicated by the scene taking place in broad daylight. This Strength needs to fight with the subconscious and with emotions in order to enforce our will.

The card has two other important meanings. On the one hand that the actions of Strength are driven by love and intelligence and not by fear. This is represented by the woman’s calm and serious expression and her white dress. On the other hand the more we control our life the more we are able to concentrate on our tasks (what we are meant to do).

The floral wreath on her head symbolises strength (of the one who wears this wreath), because she has total control over her emotions and desires so she is able to ‘win’ and have control over herself. The symbol of infinity above her head, like the Magician card, refers to endless possibilities. In addition this represents the inner balance and harmony of the woman who has a desire to find balance within herself.

Maintaining our self-control requires inner power, determination and courage. If we have will power and we are able to control ourselves we will be able to conquer all obstacles! The card of Strength shows that we have enough inner energy and indeed we must believe that we can achieve success. We should have more confidence regarding our abilities and we have to learn to lead our emotions in the right direction.

Trust yourself, because you have enough perseverance to reach your goals!

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