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Tarot School - The Empress - III.

The Empress is the symbol of fertility, is a creator and the womb or nursery where life, romance, art or business grows and evolves until it reaches maturity. On the dress of this pregnant Mother of Universe is visible the Greek Delta letter which is the supreme proof of fertility.


A pearl necklace around her neck suggests that in the beginning the pearl was a seed too, from which it grew. The Empress is a symbol for the creation of life, the original womb where it all grew and evolved.

She wears a crown of 12 stars, representing the Zodiac and her rulership over time. Her sceptre also shows her as the ruler of the material world and commander of natural forces.

She is surrounded by lush greenery, while at her feet is a grain field, all symbolizing fruition and germination. The cedars that dominate the background and a heart-shaped pillow she sits upon are the symbol of Venus, goddess of beautiful things and gardens, as well as sex and love.

The river flowing in the forest represents life, the nurturing power of our life’s garden. She is not only the personification of fertility but also material richness that lasts from birth to death.

This tarot card represents marriage and motherhood, and can predict the birth of a child. In both cases we need dedication, care, solid background and emotional fulfillment.

The time for change has come; the moment to plan for a new future has arrived. We will become capable of giving and accepting in the same way, capable and able to cherish love and harmony. The Empress stands for emotional fulfillment if lucky enough to be in a relationship, thus making us richer spiritually and materially too.

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