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The Fool is said to be the most dangerous tarot card and because of it, it doesn’t even have a number. This is the only card from the big Arcanum that has remained as a joker in modern games. It is special and doesn’t fit into the row of other cards. The Fool does not fall under normal rules; it can appear at the beginning or at the end of a big Arcanum.


It often appears as a jester or as a wanderer, or as a seemingly innocent and carefree young man. Striding forward with his head up, it could seem that in the next moment the Fool will fall into the abyss and disappear in the depths. On its bare shoulders, he carries a bundle that contains his experiences, and holds his bad features as well as his conscience, often in the guise of a dog. This is usually a conscious, but sometimes an unconscious process, in which old habits wear off and no longer serve us nor help moving forward. This eternal desire for change may seem crazy and short-sighted, but it represents the beginning of something, it is confidence and openness to life.

So the Fool means that at first glance, you clearly have special skills, and the desire to know “the new” is so strong that you overcome your fears, while many people may simply think that you are naive and foolish. You are ready to take risks without regard to the outcome.

Some representations show the Fool miserable and wearing ripped pants. This means that in our foolishness, we often reveal things that should remain hidden. Something compels us to listen to our divination despite of apparent uncertainty. We are ready to give up things that are granted; we entrust ourselves in the new energy and believe that every new adventure brings a new experience that has meaning and value.

Although we are driven by the desire to move forward, we consider that anyone who is afraid shouldn’t adventure into the woods. Though the Fool predicts a positive outcome and helps us to emerge, the frivolity and naivety may be dangerous both to our lives and destiny. Many have fallen into the abyss because they simply did not listen to their past experiences, nor their conscience.

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