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Tarot school – The High Priest - V

The High Priest appears between two columns, this indicates that he is able to balance opposing forces. Previously, the high priest was called the Hierophant, i.e. "he who will lead up to the light." The hard rock throne, the simple gray background and the four black and white stripes at his feet symbolize wisdom and freedom from desire.


Brown is the colour of wisdom, the white and black indicate balance. The church clothing immediately shows that this is a spiritual Father, regardless of whether that person is male or female. A kind of mediator between God and mortals who has a desire to lead, to strengthen them in their faith and their knowledge. In case people are afraid to take responsibility for their own fate this can also be useful. The circles located near his feet indicate recognition and respect of the higher forces. His crown and the sceptre in his left hand represent the four branches which is a reference to the four aspects of creation.

The Highest Priest has a strong connection with hearing, in both the physical and supernatural senses, and therefore with “clear-hearing” or clairaudience. This ability is represented by the stripes near his ears, which also shows the ability of being able to turn down outside voices and listen to the inner voices. Praying monks kneeling at his feet represent total humbleness, the monk dressed in a lily cloth represents assistance for requests and the monk decorated with roses represents openness, which is definitely required.

The hand gesture of the High Priest suggests “Calm down and listen!” The crosses located in his clothes and shoes represent determination and the ability to bring the teaching of heaven to earth. In this way it represents the spiritual counsellor within all of us and the desire to understand things, to achieve spiritual goals, to discover ourselves and to get the inner wisdom that will lead to the balance of things in heaven and earth. It represents the readiness to discover the true meaning of life from a different perspective.

Meeting with this card suggests a unification with a soul pastor, the beginning of a philosophical journey or being involved with religious science.

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