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Tarot School – The Minor Arcana – Wands II.

In this next part of the Tarot School series we will continue studying the cards of the suit of Wands.

Six of Wands

This is the symbol of success and victory. This card deals especially with the reaching of material goals. It indicates recognition and rewards for our work. It carries with it a feeling of winning, a sense of achievement which we have been preparing for consciously and we have worked hard and fought hard for it. A hectic and difficult period is behind us, so now we can enjoy some praise from others, which will help build up our self-confidence as well.

Seven of Wands

The card mainly indicates competition and bravery. We are brave enough to be different, to have an independent opinion and determined enough to withstand the attacks and the tests of stressful situations. Thus we are able to keep what we have achieved and to find our way to spiritual growth. All this involves a lot of effort, there is much to learn, but in the end our persistence is rewarded.

Eight of Wands

Activity, travelling, setting new objectives, a period of excitement and movement, the correctly-timed action to achieve an objective, finding the right way, a positive attitude - these all may be common meanings of this card. Our affairs are set in motion and our journey is accompanied by a strong creative energy. We’ll get acquainted with new people and new effects will reach us. Last but not least, progress in our careers can also be indicated by the Eight of Wands.

Nine of Wands

Difficulties await us, we will be faced with serious obstacles in our lives. In the beginning they seem to be insurmountable, such as a complex situation that we feel we won’t be able to cope with. However, if we remain resolute enough and pres

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