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Tarot School – The World – XXI.

The card shows a dancing figure framed in a wreath. This dancing figure represents the physical world which is floating in the universe represented by the wreath. The infinite universe has an impact on our physical world and influences the outcome of earthly events.


The dancing figure on the card, regardless of its physical appearance, is an androgynous or hermaphroditic figure. In fact, we are all like this figure on the card, we carry male and female characteristics in various combinations.


The wreath is a symbol that the evolutionary development of the dancer is complete, having mastered the 22 features of consciousness which is what the tarot is all about. The snake (which is shown in place of the wreath in some tarot decks) is the symbol of overcoming difficulties, it symbolises everyday victories.

The dancer hold staffs or wands in its hands, these staffs symbolise willpower and, at the same time, divine inspiration. Those staffs are like transmitting antennae which attract and radiate signals, or in other words creative energies. According to Kabbalists this is the representation of the perfect harmony of male and female power, the balanced flow of Kundalini sun and moon.

The dancer is surrounded by four guards, which are located at each corner of the card, and they are a lion, an eagle, a man and a bull. They correspond to the four elements symbolising fire, water, air and earth respectively. These four guards also symbolise the four seasons and everything which is eternal, including the four colours of the Minor Arcana.

The message that the form of the dancer conveys is this - ‘you will need to reach a higher level of balance and harmony in order to stay alive and to dance all the way through your life’. The World tarot card represents the peak of the evolutionary process and evolutionary cycle, and at the same time it represents inner and outer harmony. This tarot card also talks about humans’ attempts to reach perfection, freedom and independence and the ability to truly be yourself in every situation.

Success and achieving goals, these are the main features of the tarot card called The World. The meaning of this card is that we can achieve certain peaks in our

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